I`d just like to say how impressed I am with the now feature on the website. The online forms for Studs, kittens, points etc are great. Its nice to see some forward thinking, and an up to date site. Best wishes to all concerned. Thank you for your kind comments. I think that we really ought to publicise the forum more so that we can get a little community going, as with other forums on the web. Perhaps the forthcoming show might be the ideal opportunity.............Although 9 years old they are in good health and at present undergoing a new vaccination course.

A lovely pair of cats aged 7 years. Brother and Sister. They need a new home due to their family re-locating in stages, they have been very much loved and their family hope someone will come along who will love them as much. The male is a black Oriental shorthair the female is a Seal Point longhaired Oriental. Fantastic cats, friendly and in good health. They have been used to going out in a safe garden in a country area and would like to be able to continue this. They do not like dogs and are nervous around small children. Located in Sussex.

We often have older cats that need a new home. This is through no fault of their own but often they are overlooked in favour of cats up to the age of around 6 yrs. However giving an older cat a home can be very rewarding, they are double the love and half the trouble of younger cats and still at the ages of 6 upwards have many years to live. I would ask you to consider giving these cats the chance of a loving home. for more information please contact. A lovely pair of cats needing a home. They have been indoor cats and this should be continued, they are the most gentle and loving cats and will make fantastic pets. No dogs or other cats but they are used to children of a sensible age.