The OCA hold an Annual Cat Show in June. This year it will be at the Stantonbury Campus Leisure Centre in Milton Keynes on Saturday, 21st June 2008. Complete the form and send it to Rosemary Mortlock-French, Membership Secretary with the appropriate remittance, or hand the form in at the Club table at one of the shows listed below. Points Certificates are allocated to the Best Adult, Kitten and Neuter of each breed, and given out at the AGM each year. It is sad but true that occasionally Orientals do need to be rehomed. here may be a whole range of reasons or changes of circumstances that make this necessary. The Welfare Officer keeps a list of cats looking for new homes and also a list of prospective new owners. Donations to our Cat Welfare Fund are accepted.

How often have you been asked the dreaded question, What should I do if I die before my cats? This is a very real problem that sooner or later one has to face. Many of us are very good at doing the ostrich act and bury our heads in the sand in the hope that the problem will go away. After all it wont happen to me, will it? The reality in the 21st century is that it could.

Some people are very lucky and have a family member or good friend who would assume responsibility for their cats and give them a loving home. Others are not so fortunate, but it is possible to make provision for your much loved feline friends through the Breed Club to which you belong. Either way, it is important to write down your wishes, preferably in your Will, and to make sure that your executor is fully aware of these particulars. Breed Clubs always make every effort to rehome a cat to its best advantage and this is organised by the Welfare and Rescue Officer.