Stop Press! We are proud to announce that we have designed a new feature on the OCA Website called 'The Forum', allowing our members and any other interested parties to post comments, ask questions or provide information. We invite your contributions!

We have also installed a further benefit for the Association's Members, a Stud Directory, providing details of both Oriental and Siamese Stud Cats so that there is an up-to-date list to help members, and of course non members also, locate a boy, his owner, the location and contact details. We would like to confirm that none of the Stud Cats listed on the site come with a recommendation from the OCA, we simply provide you with the details. The rest is up to you and the Stud Owner. We would like to invite non-members who own Oriental Stud boys, and Siamese Stud owners who welcome Oriental females, to provide up-to-date details for inclusion in this section. Any changes to listed details, i.e. if the boy is no longer available, must be advised to the Stud Registrar. Simply click on 'Stud Enquiries' and follow the instructions to add your Stud. For those non-members who wish to take up this offer, we invite you to make a donation of whatever size you deem appropriate to our Cat Welfare Fund.

This donation will also give you one year's free full membership of the OCA. Simply send your donation, explaining that you are doing so to accompany your free use of the Website to: Julie Stevens, Mostyn House, 98 Wellingborough Road, Finedon, NN9 5LQ

We would also like to announce the appointment of Rosemary Mortlock-French as the OCA Membership Secretary, Ivy Cottage, 3 Abbey Cottages, Bradfield Road, Wix, Essex CO11 2SH. Rosemary will send you an acknowledgement of your free membership following the Committee Meeting which follows receipt of your donation. Thank you for your support. We hope many people will find this facility of benefit. Carol Ward Chair

The Club has approximately 300 members from all over the UK, and a number of overseas members. A Committee of 14 is elected annually by the members to represent the club at shows and provide a contact point for current and new members.

Jane (Haggar) and Jane (Francis-Wilson) represent the club at the GCCF meetings and Irene and Carol at the Breed Advisory Committee.

Are you receiving correspondence from the OCA? If not, it may be that we do not have your current address. Please contact Rosemary Mortlock-French, our membership secretary to update our records.

How often do we hear about some terrible accident or illness that has befallen a friend or acquaintance with little or no warning? One does not have to reach one“s three score years and ten to feel uneasy! So what should we do? Be prepared is the answer. I have had several enquiries from people looking for cats in Scotland. If you have a cat of our breed that needs a new home in this area please make contact as I may be able to link you up direct.

Fun facts about Oriental Cats

Animals are one of the most important things in our lives, especially our pets. These animals follow us around, make us company and are by our side in bad and good moments, they really know how to cheer us up and make our day. Different people prefer different breeds, some like dogs, other fishes or birds, while some enjoy having cats in their home.

What makes these pets so special is their personality, playfulness and the loving nature and enjoyment they show when taken care of. Because of their size these pets are often good even for small places. Oriental cats are a special breed group, to bring you closer to these interesting animals, here a few fun facts about them.

Even an escort Paris loves these cats, their cuteness is the first thing you will notice, they have unusual looks and are quite active. Oriental shorthair ones are one of the most outstanding pets with a personality that would fit a dog much better, but still with the cat side that everyone adores. Here are a few fun facts about them. These pets are hypoallergenic, so they will be much better around people who tend to have allergic reactions when being in the presence of a cat. Escorts love them mainly because of that, so people who come to their house don't feel uncomfortable and don't sneeze all the time.

Escorts Paris spend a lot of time on work, they travel a lot and are only a short period at home, so many of them need pets which are able to follow their tempo. While others are not aware of this, some know that oriental cats are quite good with that. They behave well around unknown people, and are curious about them, so they won't hide in a corner and spend hours there. This way you won't feel uncomfortable and pity when someone comes to your place.

While traveling, these pets will be great company, because they have a huge ability for adapting to new places and surroundings. An escort Paris wpold love this, because their job takes them often to exotic places, where most animals don't fell well. The luxurious lifestyle should also be good for their pet, that is why many escorts spend years finding a nice one. However, you won't need that much to find a good escort for yourself, because escorts are the best ones there are. These stunning ladies will make your day whenever you meet them.

Oriental cats have more patterns and colors than any others and they are also the smartest group among them. These animals are born entertainers and love to make you smile, although they're often not aware of their silliness. They enjoy being around you and will even make it verbally clear that you are too far from them and haven't paid attention to their awesome moves. This is adorable and something everyone should experience. These cats came to the rest of the world mostly during the World War II when many breeding projects were active to maintain these special species.